But the big concern canada goose outlet in vancouver that

buy canada goose jacket Hurricane Heads Toward Carolinas buy canada goose jacket

canada goose canada goose outlet clearance When a major hurricane is approaching, you often hear government officials say everyone, take this one seriously. Well, they’re really hitting that message right now, saying Hurricane Florence could truly be different. canada goose clearance

canada goose black friday sale Yeah, different because the storm is expected to bring really dangerous levels of flooding, storm surges, along with massive amounts of rain. FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, says more than a million people are under mandatory evacuation orders right canada goose outlet toronto address now. And this of note, when hundreds of thousands of people in coastal Virginia tried to get information on evacuations, the state’s emergency management website totally crashed. canada goose black friday sale

ALLEN: Well, I think so. Yeah. So this track has been very consistent for days here it’s been remarkable how little it’s changed since Florence was a thousand miles out to sea headed directly for this canada goose outlet in toronto area just north of the South Carolina North Carolina border near Wilmington. And as it gets closer, of course, the track kind of narrows more and canada goose outlet store near me more. The models tend to converge. It is expected to make landfall as a major hurricane, as you say.

canada goose clearance sale People focus on the winds, these 140 mile per hour winds, and it could be building today even more. But we think it’ll probably hit around at that velocity. But the big concern canada goose outlet in vancouver that meteorologists always talk about is the water. The storm surge at the coast is likely 9 to 13 feet. That’s why they’ve ordered all these, you know, coastal canada goose outlet online uk counties to be coastal communities to be evacuated. Even perhaps worse will be the rainfall, 15 to 25 canada goose coats uk inches. canada goose discount uk And as we’ve watched over the last several hours, Florence looks like it’s going to slow down and stall as it hits coast. Meteorologists keep pushing back the time for landfall. Now we’re looking at perhaps early Saturday morning for landfall. canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose online ALLEN: And as it comes in, it brings a significant rain and stalls. And it might actually start to drift south toward South Carolina. So it’s creating this scenario that rainfall, people are saying, could be biblical. Here’s what North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper had to say yesterday. He was trying to get everyone’s attention about this the magnitude of the issue here. Canada Goose online


ROY COOPER: This storm is going to be intense, likely historic and deadly. And we’re asking people not to try to ride out a monster.

canada goose GREENE: Wow. I mean, we saw what flooding can do in the city canada goose outlet uk sale of Houston with Hurricane Harvey. I mean, you talk about biblical feeling flooding. Greg, I mean, North Carolina knows hurricanes. But tell me a little bit more about Wilmington, the community where you are, because they’ve been relatively safe in the past. Right? canada goose

ALLEN: Yeah, that’s right. You know, this is like nothing this region has seen in several decades. I mean, people talk about Hurricane Hugo in ’89, but that hit south of here did a lot of damage. Hurricane Hazel in 1954, another Category 4 storm, is maybe a better example. But people are taking it very seriously, very concerned, real nervous is what I’ve seen. And I think many people have already heeded a voluntary evacuation order that’s in effect here.

canada goose deals GREENE: Although it sounds like there’s been some chaos as people have been trying to get information on evacuations and try to hit some of these roads. canada goose deals

Canada Goose Parka ALLEN: canada goose outlet kokemuksia Right. Here it’s the governor doesn’t order mandatory evacuations. It’s left up to local community leaders. canada goose outlet online store And they do it to get you out of a storm surge and low lying areas that can flood. But that said, I think people are moving and starting to canada goose jacket outlet toronto get out of this area and starting to evacuate. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose store GREENE: OK. canada goose store

MARTIN: All right, let’s bring in another voice here, NPR White House correspondent Tamara Keith. She’s also the host canada goose jacket outlet of the NPR Politics Podcast. What’s President Trump had to say about this?

Canada Goose Jackets TAMARA KEITH, BYLINE: Absolutely. The president was briefed yesterday by both FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security. He’s receiving regular updates. And what the FEMA director, Brock Long, said is that the federal government is assisting states with evacuations; focusing now on mass canada goose clothing uk care and sheltering; and also just trying to canada goose parka uk get the word out to take this storm seriously. Here’s what President Trump said in the Oval Office yesterday. Canada Goose Jackets

buy canada goose jacket cheap (SOUNDBITE OF ARCHIVED RECORDING) buy canada goose jacket cheap

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: They haven’t seen anything like what’s coming at us in 25, 30 years maybe ever. It’s tremendously big and tremendously wet, tremendous amounts of water.

canada goose coats KEITH: The FEMA administrator, Brock Long, said that he thinks that canada goose factory outlet toronto location this storm could be (clearing throat) sorry, got a cold similar to hurricanes Hugo or maybe Floyd from 1999. canada goose coats

MARTIN: Right. canada goose outlet new york city Also, canada goose outlet online the president was asked about the preparations. And he said well, hey, we did a great job in Puerto Rico. Of course, we should note, 3,000 people died in that hurricane. response in that particular storm.

KEITH: The president’s power of positive thinking is something to behold canada goose outlet toronto location at times.

GREENE: OK. So Hurricane Florence, we’re certainly going to be keeping an eye out as that storm bears down on the East canada goose outlet reviews Coast.

Tam, stick with us because I want to turn now to some political news. We, NPR and Marist, have a new poll out today. What’s it telling us?

canada goose coats on sale KEITH: That’s right. And one big headline from it is that President Trump’s approval is below 40 percent. It’s at 39 percent. That’s actually holding canada goose outlet uk steady from July, in our poll then. But what’s interesting is that’s the third poll this canada goose outlet winnipeg address week to show him below 40 percent. And why does it matter? It’s because the midterms are coming up. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose sale And midterm elections are canada goose outlet woodbury historically rough for a president, but they are historically brutal for presidents when their ratings are below 50 percent. In the past when a president’s approval was below 50 percent, their party lost an average of 41 House seats in that first midterm. And that would put Democrats comfortably in control of the House. We should say, President Trump sees himself as sort of the great exception and talks about a red wave instead of a blue wave. But if you look at how Republican lawmakers and consultants are talking these days, the concern is real. And it’s reflected in these polls. Canada Goose sale

GREENE: And one term that we’re starting to talk about now as we http://www.mycanadagoosejacket.org look at this poll and some others is the generic ballot. For people who don’t follow politics that closely, what exactly does that mean? What is that?

cheap Canada Goose KEITH: The question that is asked is whether voters are more inclined to support a Democrat or a Republican in their congressional district in November. And by a 12 point margin, they said that they plan to support Democrats. That’s a big increase from July. What’s driving it? Suburbs and also the Midwest, where there was a huge swing away from the president’s party cheap Canada Goose.

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