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So just to be clear, are you arguing that the canada goose outlet edmonton UPSTREAM surveillance program (this is specifically the one which records every HTTP request by every IP address which crosses the backbone cables it has access to and records them in a database so essentially, your “permanent record” of every web page you ever visited along with everyone else in the world) should have remained unknown to the general public, because revealing its existence to the general public was illegal?

All of the legal avenues to whistleblowing which you alluded to would have involved the program remaining hidden from the general public. That the problem. The only way he could make sure that ordinary people like you and I would find out about it, was to leak its existence to journalists. The political system is specifically designed so that “internal” whistleblowing can be easily hidden and buried.

canadian goose jacket I also canada goose outlet price argue that it isn a DNC/GOP divide, but that exactly the problem it should be. The GOP are supposed to be Conservatives. The DNC are supposed to be Liberals. For self styled canada goose outlet mall liberals to defend it, is a canada goose outlet in toronto betrayal of the two party dichotomy. canadian goose jacket

canada goose coats on sale This isn the first time we have granted powers in excess of the constitutional mandate. We vacilate constantly canada goose outlet store uk between our canada goose outlet woodbury dedication to freedom and our desire for safety. These excesses have all canada goose outlet in vancouver managed canada goose outlet store toronto to find resolution without treason. Snowden was rash and impatient, not heroic or wise. He will pay for his unnecessary, unhelpful, dangerous treason. canada goose coats on sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap We would have been much better off trusting the systems that have served justice in the past. Snowden denied us that pathway. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Having said that, I believe my resolve canada goose outlet montreal would soften if the circumstances were different.

canada goose As it is, fuck him. All canada goose outlet new york he did was hurt us and make things worse. He is a traitor, and he deserves what is coming to him. canada goose

Canada Goose Parka How is the context limited, exactly? Which part specifically do you disagree canada goose outlet with? Most of canada goose outlet online store review us were raised with the idea that as members of a democratic society, the government was not above the law and that basic human rights and due process were absolute, non negotiable facts of live. Snowden leak exposed the fact that this was bullshit, that right wing politicians had destroyed this paradigm and that self styled “left wing” politicians had secretly gone along with this after promising to roll back the clock on the aforementioned destruction of the human rights paradigm. Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose Outlet That is not a limited context. The idea that governments do not have the right to spy on canada goose outlet paypal individuals without probable cause and independent oversight is not a “limited” idea, it one of the very foundations of what it means to live in a free society and not a totalitarian cesspit. Canada Goose Outlet

Anyone who exposes government lies and violations of human rights is automatically right to do so. canada goose outlet trillium parka black The unintended consequences are entirely irrelevant there is literally nothing canada goose outlet location more important in a democratic society than ensuring that the government cannot violate or compromise on fundamental human rights and get away with it.

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canada goose deals The context is limited because you think treason was canada goose outlet houston the only path to reform. It is limited because you fail to understand the degree to which canada goose coats uk the population demanded such protections. canada goose deals

Snowden is guilty of at least once felony and of violation of at least two counts of the espionage act. He secreted an unknown (even by him) amount of protected data out of the country. He put us all at risk.

canada goose store I against government overreach, but I understand how we got there, and how we were re balancing. I support whistle blowers under appropriate circumstances. These were not appropriate not safe and Snowden did not behave as a whistle blower. canada goose store

Canada Goose Jackets He hide with Putin until he is ready to spend the rest of his life in jail. Canada Goose Jackets

To have said so, most Americans, by polling, are with me. It isn a DNC/GOP divide. It basically the people too young to remember 9/11 who are confused. But, again, our feelings carry no weight. The traitor will face justice.

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canada goose coats He, as well as almost everyone else, knew that the world was round, and how long he would have to sail to get to Asia from the East. Those canada goose outlet in montreal numbers had been worked out centuries previously. What wasn’t known at the time, except to the Vikings (who, apparently, weren’t in a mood to tell anyone else), was that there was a whole entire continent in the way. When Columbus hit landfall, he knew he wasn’t in India, but rather on an canada goose outlet toronto factory otherwise undiscovered part of Asia. canada goose coats

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Canada Goose online Well, I canada goose outlet store montreal had a couple of students break into a woman apartment and keep her prisoner, raping and beating her for days. And canada goose parka uk I had a kid go to jail the third time the cops caught him beating his mother. I had two die canada goose outlet buffalo and one paralyzed when they crashed a car joy riding under age. I had one canada goose outlet winnipeg address impregnate four women on purpose, who all ended up with special needs children. The mothers were all sophomores. I had one get caught selling drugs and try to save himself by falsely implicating teachers Canada Goose online.

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