It should also ultimately increase the wages and employment in

canada goose store the US increase tariffs on Chinese goods canada goose store

Canada Goose online Considering China supplies a very big list of goods, imposing broad based tariffs would probably backfire very badly. For a number of reasons: Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Outlet Tariffs are seen as and actually are a form of taxation. canada goose premium outlet While a rousing electioneering slogan, imposing tariffs on imports is something People don really think canada goose outlet ottawa through fully, they will complain when their checkbooks don line up. Case in point So many sought and took cheater loans before last Real Estate crisis of 2008. But when things went wrong, all the blame canada goose outlet store toronto was conveniently cast off by regular folks under the guise of “I did not know what I was doing.”Improving US own manufacturing capabilities must follow the model of Germany and Japan, where higher quality and more complex items are manufactured. Our Innovation focused economy does not lend well to US competing on low cost, high volume items. Canada Goose Outlet

And we have sort of begin locking down China medical, agricultural and food products already through regulation. Please recall canada goose outlet online reviews the baby food and pet food scare of Chinese products.

Yes. But not just China; I propose a law in which goods manufactured in other countries (even if the business itself is based in a country like England, if their factory is in China this law would still apply) are taxed based on the difference in the cost of labor based on said country’s labor and union laws. That way, we would have factories here that could compete on a level playing field with countries like China and Bangladesh. I’m not opposed to the concept of free trade, but we need to be realistic; our factories can’t compete with slaves. Yes, slaves. We talk about increasing our minimum wage (a measure which I support), but countries like China have less than a quarter the minimum wage we do. If you have a problem with the way Wal Mart treats their workers, go to China and tour a factory. Again, that doesn’t make the complaints against Wal Mart invalid, I’m just giving an example to show just how mistreated third world laborers are.

Canada Goose Jackets It should also be illegal for any American company to have a factory in another country. To do so should be looked at as a loophole in our own labor laws; if a corporation doesn’t want to pay American workers living wages, they shouldn’t be able to bypass that by setting up factories in third world nations. Canada Goose Jackets

Now, there are several objections to these ideas. The first is that it would make everything cost more. Goods might cost more, but not much more; the reason why American goods are so expensive now is not only due to the fact that it’s more expensive to make things here, but also because not enough people buy canada goose outlet woodbury American canada goose coats uk goods, so in order to stay afloat they have to increase prices. Once they no longer have to unfairly compete against business that are profiting way to much on the backs of foreign slaves, prices will go down with a level playing field. So no, everything wouldn’t be five times the price. A related argument is that tariffs will make things expensive, and thus poor Americans won’t be able to afford things. Poor Americans will not only not be disenfranchised by the tariffs (see above), they will benefit. In the 1950s, we made things here, and it worked. That’s something people often forget. Working class people felt more respected and had more stable jobs. canada goose jacket uk Then, we shipped them away, and now we don’t have jobs. That’s why the white working poor are rallying behind Trump; the rich have traded their jobs for slaves, and now that even China is instituting a basic minimum wage (still slavery), they’re moving to even more shitty countries. People are desperate, and who will they trust? Hillary Clinton, the one who says “America is still great” who’s husband signed NAFTA, or Trump, the person telling them everything they want to hear? They aren’t “racists”, they need change. Trump isn’t the solution, but his rise to power makes perfect sense. Anyway, if you want to elevate the status of the working class, give them their jobs back.

buy canada goose jacket cheap The second, and probably most seemingly convincing, is the “trade war” argument, basically that China will slap a tariff on us if we slap a tariff on them. I’m not disputing that they’ll do that, but even so we will profit. We import $294,981,000,000 worth of goods from China. The balance? $ 225,209,000,000. So what if we had a “trade war” with China? We would save money. We have everything to gain and nothing to lose. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Now, on to your question: why haven’t we done this? Because both sides of the isle are influenced by powerful lobbyists. Wall Streeters take home many times more than they otherwise would do to our lax policies on foreign slave factories, and they intend to keep it that way. Hillary and Obama may be good people who want change, but they have no interest in rocking the boat and instituting policies that Wall Street doesn’t like that will put America on the right course. The republican constituency has already gotten riled up on the matter; no matter how much I hate Trump’s canada goose clothing uk xenophobic canada goose vest outlet rhetoric, and know that he won’t institute any policies like this, at least he woke up conservatives. Bernie Sanders tried to do this on the left, but he was screwed over by the DNC. Hillary worshippers need to wake up and realize that even if she’s better than Trump, she cannot be taken seriously when she talks about taxation, trade or anything else that involves rocking the boat; she only even started proposing anything of the sort after Sanders essentially forced her to, and if you look at her history and connections you’ll see she’s full of shit. The right (until Trump) was even more blatantly anti fair trade. That’s the problem. Wake up.

Wel,, the 50 cents an hour may not be a good argument, because of purchasing power parity. What you could stand for is standards canada goose jacket outlet uk of living, working conditions and child labour. In bangladesh, a factory which made clothes for walmart and other top brands collapsed due to overloading and bad working conditions. Over 1100 people died. canada goose outlet reviews That is a catastrophe as bad as 9/11. Just because americans can get better clothes. These people and kids do these jobs just to be able to afford a bowl of rice every day.

cheap Canada Goose Also, if they raise tariffs, the american consumer will be angry. Americans want cheap goods, American companies want higher margins, hence they exploit the working conditions of Asian countries. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose sale Good question. Yes, the US should. A lot of “free marketeers” complain it would increase the cost of goods. Yes. It should. It should also ultimately increase the wages and employment in the US. The main reason the US doesn is politics. Companies and special interest lobbies have convinced politicians they fund of a false ideology promoted by many academics that tariffs harm the consumers (history and a comparative study proves them wrong). The following was my answer to another question but is relevant and applicable here and also illustrates why canada goose outlet factory it will be hard to overcome the special interest canada goose outlet eu lobby and political pressure to impose any such tariff, even though similar tariffs are in place in China and many other countries, and have been in place in the US at periods of of extreme growth and prosperity in the past. Canada Goose sale

It makes sense to impose a tariff on the Manufacturing Value Add (MVA) on imported goods with one caveat. The MVA needs to be calculated such that it is roughly equal to the uplift required to make the labor costs canada goose outlet canada equal to what that company would have charged had that product been made in the canada goose outlet US. Probably around 20% or more for many products, depending on their labor component. Why? Because low labor costs (along with other factors like efficiency in the supply chain, which really is another way of saying the same thing), are the main reasons why companies offshore. We have the world leading technology right here. There is nothing to be learned or acquired from China or abroad. They are only the recipient of our intellectual canada goose outlet new york prowess, much canada goose outlet store uk of it acquired through tax dollars. Read the book by Mariana Mazzucato fascinating how much of today society progress we owe to public, government funded canada goose outlet authentic R some examples, electronics miniaturization, GPS, internet, etc.

canada goose clearance sale Companies, when they offshore achieve multiple goals. They achieve higher profitability through lower manufacturing labor costs, they escape adherence to OSHA laws and other forms of compliance (easily avoided through subs or contractors), and most importantly, end up reducing their tax burden to the point on the HIGHER profitability, so that they pay nothing, thanks to offshore accounting structures. The net result is that companies contribute less to the US economy yet benefit tremendously from the protection of the US legal system and access to the US consumer market. canada goose clearance sale

buy canada goose jacket It is impossible canada goose outlet in montreal to divorce the tax regime from the import/trade argument. Thanks to offshoring, the contribution of corporations to the US tax receipts is at a canada goose outlet kokemuksia post WW2 low. That difference has to be made up somehow. Result a higher tax burden on the middle class that is currently financed through issuance of bonds (the “deficit” and “debt”). Read up on articles by Ian Fletcher, Hoon Ja Chang as well. this is just the summary. buy canada goose jacket

You need to tax the MVA on goods from abroad, because that is the main reason for companies to go abroad. packaging, testing companies that make up the entire value chain for a product true but they are also there for the same reason, and that proximity creates a network hub effect, that we are missing out on. You don want to tax everything blindly for instance oil and raw materials that we need domestically should not be tariffed. MVA should be applied to those industries that we can support domestically but are outsourced for financial reasons by companies who do it to increase profitability and avoid taxation, leading to wage stagnation and disruption in our domestic labor force, and ultimately, deficits and debt. (And this is different than automation or productivity the benefits of those factors STAY domestic for instance, higher productivity may lead to higher profits, but if the company stays domestic, ultimately it will be taxed domestically as well).

canada goose deals In addition, one strategic factor we are basically funding the IP for other countries for free. Do you think that the manufacturing know how that we expended so many dollars to acquire stays with us once it leaves our borders and is used to set up a plant abroad? Of course not. That know how and IP is used to fund growth in foreign countries by domestically funded entities that ultimately cut into what would have been our exports. Now there is no need (or reduced demand at least) we taught our customers how to build for themselves. canada goose deals

canada goose black friday sale In summary you need the MVA to supplement the government source of revenue from corporate tax avoidance, AS WELL as to increase the CAPITAL GAINS RATE to where it was before the ill conceived reductions under canada goose outlet store near me the Bush regime. regular income tax) individual was. Somehow, someone had the idea to reduce that down to the 10 20% range in the hopes canada goose outlet boston it would encourage investment a flawed concept (read Warren Buffet on how taxes impact investments). Anyway, the net result is the same reduced revenue to the government that has to be made up by everyone else and currently financed by debt. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Parka People unfamilliar with international trade, tariffs and trade deals seem to think that imposing such tariffs would penalize the companies in China. It doesn’t work that way, at least not directly. Any tariff on imported goods is just calculated into the cost of the goods and passed on down the line until it reaches the consumer. I doubt very much that the American consumer wants the cost of many of the goods they purchase to sky rocket. If they didn’t mind a price increase they could simply check labels now and buy goods not made in China. Once the price canada goose outlet los angeles of goods rise to absorb the added cost of duty it can be assumed that less goods will be purchased from China. Here is the only place where the company in China will feel any effect of the tariff. Overall though it is the end users, the consumers, in other words YOU, that end up paying for tariffs. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose clearance There is also the potential to start a full blown trade war by creating tariffs on imported goods from one particular country. in an all out trade war. canada goose clearance

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Import causes increase in consumer surplus and decrease in producer surplus but net difference is positive as consumer surplus is greater than producer surplus thus result in gain for economy

But for a restricted trade following image will best depict the problem

canada goose coats Now it a simple mathematics yeah there is increase in tax revenue and producer surplus but even these are enable to suppress the loss due to decrease in consumer surplus and economy is having net dead weight loss canada goose coats.

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