Orgonite’s powers became clear to me while using it for

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Orgonite is known to possess the beneficial quality of converting negative energies into positive ones, but what type of energies are we talking about here? Let’s, for the sake of simplicity call them ‘universal energies’. Orgonite’s powers became clear to me while using it for general energy clearing, blocking EMFs and also in blocking psychic attack; therefore this general way of describing its wide reaching attributes, is what works best.

Another way to describe how orgonite works is by saying that it converts DOR to POR. Orgone is the energy within any canada goose outlet kokemuksia matter either living or non. DOR is the name applied to negative orgone energy, canada goose outlet online uk POR is canada goose outlet the term for positive orgone energy. And if you quickly read up on orgonite across the general Internet, you’ll see many statements similar to the one just made; it seems overly simplified, and it is too! Now let’s take a closer look at what it all means.

canada goose deals Absorbing negative energy emissions from our environment, can and will cause health issues both large and small, as well as problems such as mental illness, confusion, lack of concentration, and fatigue. Negative energy also causes decay. Negative energy canada goose outlet eu attracts like, and as a result, canada goose outlet black friday you will find that in an environment impacted with such, that things canada goose outlet toronto factory age and break down faster. As a matter of fact, when I was being psychically attacked, things in my environment broke down at an alarming rate. The phenomenon stopped when my first GOOD piece of orgonite arrived. canada goose deals

buy canada goose jacket Furthermore, all electrical appliances large and small, emit negative energies. Such negative energy emissions are referred to as EMFs canada goose outlet germany electromagnetic field (frequency to some) radiations. We constantly absorb radiation from electrical appliances around us. And though proof abounds, many refuse to believe how harmful electronics are. Nowadays with all of the technology in our society, it’s no great wonder that illness is so common. buy canada goose jacket

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Well, let’s examine another statement previously made “orgonite’s powers became clear to me while using it for general energy clearing, blocking EMFs and also in blocking psychic attack.” Back in 2009 my working days came to an end. My health went down the tubes big time, and all at once too. Towards the end of my working career, I was managing a bank of computers, as well as other electrical devices; and worked under a power line to boot. By the time my work canada goose factory outlet concluded, my brain was so scrambled that it was a task dealing with all of my health issues. They were from one end of the spectrum to the other. It felt that I was melting!

After reluctantly retiring, resting and being away from that environment canada goose outlet 80 off led to some improvement, but my health was quite poor until more recent months. It was about six months ago that orgonite came to my attention. My first experience was with a poorly created piece; it exacerbated an already bad situation. During a meditation, my spirit guides made it clear that it was just the piece, not orgonite itself that canada goose jacket outlet store had caused the incident; and that I needed to get another piece.

Prior to purchasing another piece of orgonite, I conducted a tarot reading to ask if the piece in mind was the right piece. I got the go ahead. It was like night and day compared to the first piece. Thereafter my environment was lovely, peaceful, I felt more alive yet calmer; my new journey was one of recovery. Now it’s just a theory that my health canada goose outlet trillium parka black improved because I was blocked to further EMF pollution, but it is canada goose outlet buffalo a sensible one given my circumstance. My exposure to canada goose outlet uk EMFs is high, as my house is very close to a transmission tower; and now those energies don’t affect me, or at least canada goose outlet toronto location not to the same degree.

Canada Goose online Concerning my remark about how orgonite had protected me from psychic attack over time it became clear that I’d been under psychic attack for a long time. This, was surely a factor in my health breakdown and confusion. The worst problem it caused was a night terror syndrome that occurred every single night. I had to recite protective prayers to still it. This had been going on for many years. After receiving the second batch of orgonite, that syndrome stopped completely, within a week. Canada Goose online

canada goose How orgonite applies to general energy maintenance. canada goose

Those of us that have our eyes opened to how energy works, as canada goose outlet winnipeg well as those of us that have a sensitivity to changes in our energies, need no explanation as to why we need to keep clean, positive energies around us. Then conversely, there is the attitude that “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?” It seems that some folks believe that if nothing really bad is happening, no steps should be taken. This tells us something.

Canada Goose Jackets Many people buffer themselves to the minutiae going on around them. These people wouldn’t see a real problem until it dropped on their head, like a two ton weight in an old cartoon. Some figure that a certain degree of negativity is simply a part of life to be dealt with. My take on it is that if negativity isn’t necessary in my environment, it will be eliminated, period. Canada Goose Jackets

What can happen with a bad piece of orgonite?

Canada Goose Outlet From a perspective of the worst that can happen I was suffering from the effects of long term psychic attack as previously stated. Then my first piece of orgonite arrived. My blood feels like it’s running backwards as I prepare to tell the tale. The psychic attack I was experiencing, in and of itself was a bad situation. I was feeling totally negative, and the night terrors no one wants to deal with that! Canada Goose Outlet

The first night that piece of orgonite was here, it felt like the energies of all demons in the universe, were partying inside my home. It wasn’t just confined to nighttime like the night terrors had been, this was all day! It took a few hours for me to figure out what had happened. The orgonite was thrown out. It took two weeks for that cycle of sheer horror, night and day, to stop. Something good came out of it, I now know how to invoke St. Michael Archangel. He canada goose outlet mississauga put his hand on my back many a time during those two weeks to let me know he was here with me.

I now know what an Archangel’s hand feels like. very big!

canada goose store Which qualities should I seek in orgonite? canada goose store

What you need to look at when you purchase orgonite is the intent invested in it, the environment of manufacture, and whether or not it has a crystal within. Let us first look at intent what is it? When a batch of orgonite is manufactured, there is a predominant energy in the environment. So for example, if it is made in a place where there is a fight going on, or someone comes along and starts one while it’s being made, or even a real nasty movie is playing on the TV. the orgonite is imprinted in canada goose outlet nyc a negative way. You will want orgonite which was imprinted positively, and was created in a harmonious environment, by someone in a state of peace.

Some believe that orgonite can be cleansed of ill intent. I don’t. The crystal within canada goose outlet florida a piece of orgonite is what holds the memory. The crystal is amplified by the structure of orgonite. A crystal, no matter how much it is cleansed, retains some memory. I believe that when the resin contracts upon the crystal, that the intent, positive or negative is trapped within that piece. canada goose outlet washington dc Others have differing opinions on this.

canada goose coats on sale Additionally you need to consider what type of metal is within your orgonite; but we’ll get to that shortly. canada goose coats on sale

canadian goose jacket You should ask the seller that you wish to purchase from, what type of environment their orgonite is made in. Ask them about the intent invested in their orgonite. If they do canada goose stockists uk not wish to disclose, canada goose outlet vip or if they are not upfront with the info, then you know you shouldn’t purchase from them. If you aren’t sure or are afraid of what you may get, then consider making your own of course within a controlled environment. canadian goose jacket

And whether or not there is a crystal within the orgonite you purchase is a VERY important thing! Why is this? Because if there isn’t a crystal present, then it isn’t orgonite you have purchased, it is what is known as an orgone accumulator. You certainly don’t want one of those. An orgone accumulator collects negative energy from the environment and stores it within. The problem is that it’s stored in your environment; this is something you will want to avoid at all costs.

canada goose clearance For optimal efficiency orgonite should be 50/50 in ratio. That is, 50% organic to non organic in construction. To lessen the confusion, as this is hard to research, organic refers to the resin; and non organic refers to the metal, and in most cases the crystal too. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose Parka You will hear some say that for the best results the metal should be iron. Others insist to be very careful when using iron or any ferrous metals at all. Ultimately one needs to investigate this for themselves. If you browse popular orgonite forums though, you will see that experienced orgonite makers use primarily non ferrous metals; and when iron is used, the particles are quite fine and are typically only part of the metal content. To elaborate on how crystals fit in most are inorganic, so are counted along with the metal in that 50%. There are however, some crystal types that contain carbon, which makes them organic, thus they’d be included in the other 50%; they include diamonds, rubies, and graphite. Canada Goose Parka

There is a global happening which originated within the community of orgonite producers. It’s a commonly canada goose outlet reviews held belief among them that orgonite’s benefits are immeasurable. So they take it upon themselves to place orgonite near communication towers, power lines and other such radiation emitting structures. Some also choose to give their orgonite creations to others. This is to improve the Earth, the lives of others, and subsequently to improve their own lives. Gifting is not limited to orgonite creators; even some that purchase their orgonite do it as their part in thinking and living green.

When they block the negative emissions of a radio tower, they are doing us all a great favor; that amount of radiation is deadly. Larger orgonite pieces have been known to effectively cleanse chem trails; some gifters canada goose outlet price are focused upon eliminating their harmful effects.

canada goose coats In areas of the world where land is less fertile, gifting has become quite popular. People in such areas say that they can see the difference in productivity in their land after orgonite is placed there. This will work in gardens and yards everywhere for better grass and plant production, so they say. This is one thing I haven’t gotten around to trying yet. canada goose coats

cheap Canada Goose Be aware too, that gifting serves another purpose. Let’s say you feel that the people in the town where you live are very negative. you may be right, and maybe it’s because there is a lot of EMF energy going on around your area, who knows. Try this place orgonite pieces near your local communications towers and/or power lines. See if this creates change. You may be pleasantly surprised cheap Canada Goose.

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